Trash Light Vision may have formed as recently as March of 2004 but their story begins 8 years ago. Bassist Roger ‘Rags’ Segal and Acey Slade worked together at a retail store selling Punk, Rock n’ Roll, and Heavy Metal accessories a well as stripper attire and sex toys. The two talked about forming a band together but nothing ever came of it. Years later and few near death experiences forced Acey to clean up his act. He met guitarist Steve Haley while the two kicked their collective habits. Acey moved to New York City and began working as a touring musician for major label recording artists. On one tour he befriended Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. The two shared a love for bands like the New York Dolls and The Damned. Slade was quickly recruited for The Murderdolls, Joey's other band on Roadrunner Records. After 2 years of solid world wide touring, the Murderdolls officially went on hold in January 2004. Acey wasted no time in putting Trash Light Vision into motion. The first recruit was Steve Haley with whom Acey had kept in contact with over the years. Next up was old room-mate and fellow Porn Peddler Rags. "We just got together to hang out to talk about old times and not only was he still playing, but he had a drummer (Len Thomas). I wanted people that were not afraid to take chances and had a ton of charisma and most of all were friends."

With the line-up complete, the band started playing in New York and Philadelphia incessantly. Word quickly spread about their explosive live show. A UK tour was booked and Trash Light Vision received a four 'K' review in Kerrang magazine for their London Underworld show. To further facilitate their cause of bringing Trashy Punk/Rock n'Roll to the masses, the band all moved into their rehearsal spot (the Trash Can) where they have a DIY ethic. There, they make their own patches, CD's and T-shirts. "We have this weird lifestyle that combines Guns and Roses debauchery with the Minor Threat work ethic." They have toured Europe with Stiff Little Fingers as well as The Buzzcocks and shared the stage with The UK Subs, The Wildhearts, and Electric Frankenstein. Although the band has roots in classic Punk and Rock, they are far from 'Retro'.


(Left to right from pic on right)

Steve Haley - Guitar

Acey Slade - Volcals & Guitar

Roger 'Rags' Segal - Bass

Lenny Thomas - Drums

Scareanoid - Biography

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