Date: September 12 2006 | Subject: Hell Comes to Town

Greetings and Beatings fuckers.
1-Our new website is up and it's fuckin' hot! www.trashlightvision.com
2-A couple of days till the Trashlight Vision tour starts! A few more tour dates are added so be ready when Trash-Hell comes to YOUR town.
3-Trashlight Vision Street team needs a few good ghouls. Er...at least a few trashy ones! We need your support for this tour. The uploads for the flyers will be on the site tommrow.Remember, your town is already a dump-why not make it a Trashcan!
4-Let the bed bug's bite.
Rock like fuck!

Date: September 12 2006 | Subject Lenny's Back

TLV's road tech Richie Riot Posted this in the officiall TLV forum:

"I have been with the guys over the past few days getting things ready for the tour... Packing, getting the van ready, etc. And yes, Lenny is back... Things have been confusing... but we are all looking forward to the tour. We are all working on some last minute details and should see all of you very soon."

Date: September 10, 2006 | Subject: TLV Staement

Here Is The Official TLV statement about Lenny:

First of all, Trashlight Vision are not breaking up. After months of soul searching and work on everyones part, Trashlight Vision has made the difficult decision of parting ways with Lenny Thomas. This was not a quick, impulsive decision. It is a difficult time and we will will keep the details in house. We only hope that Lenny goes on to musical endeavors that make him happy. 'Lenny is an awesome drummer and deserves to be in the right situation. We will kick off our US tour on Sept. 14th at Snitch in New York City. It will take us around the U.S. 3 times before heading over to see our friends in the UK. We are looking forward to seeing all our U.S. and U.K. fans out on the road.'

Respectfully, Trashlight Vision

Date: September 6, 2006 | Subject: X-TLV

Leny is nolonger the drummer of TLV. Here are 2 myspace Bullitens posted by him.

yes,it is true,yesterday around 8 p.m. i was kicked out of trashlight by acey and steve.they just showed up with my gear and said that my personality doesn't fit the band.also cause there was some drama in my life that i was getting over.way to be bro's!!kick some one out when they're already down.

i don't know if rog had anything to do with it,he is more the type to talk instead of being so fucking sneaky and fake.

i ain't bashing here,just telling you all the truth right now.and i will continue to do it.

being in a band should be like being in a gang,you should all be boys.everyone has each others back.not the case here.this band has one opinion and one opinion only

i will keep you posted.

thanks for all of you well wishes

here's the deal!!!!

i just talked to rog and he really had no idea it was being done like that.acey said he wanted me out because of my personality,bottom line he does't like me,we are 2 totally different people.i like to have fun.he and steve are the same,they don't drink or party,there choice.
while rog was away in la they decided to do this.as far as i know rog does't agree with this at all.a band should stick together,not be shady,using or FAKE.rog and i were the only real ones all the time.
most of you know that,who we were when you meet us is who we are all the time,not the case with the whole band.i'm alittle pissed that i gave him my trust,time,money,we gave up everything to believe in this and then to be so fucking sneaky and cold becuase it doesn't fit his personality.

trashlight is a great band,they should be what the music says the are

so for ranting,i'm beside myself.i'm trying to answer everything you guys are asking.

thank again,

Date: September, 1 2006 | Sugect: Tour Dates

New fall tour dates are now available at our 'TOUR' page.

Date: August, 24 2006  |  Subject: Fall Tour Info 

We are about to announce the big Trashlight Vision tour for this fall. There will be PLENTY of surprises, bang, booms, and thuds!
There are still a couple of open dates so If you want to see trashlight vision in your town at your club or with your band perhaps, please contact the people below:

Here is what we are looking at right now:

The first 1/2 of the tour will be starting in NYC on Sept. 14th at Snitch and will have us making our way out to the West Coast.

From Oct. 7th to Nov. 1 we will join up with evrybody's favorite ghouls, horror punk legends, 45 Grave for the Halloween tour to end all Halloween tours!

THEN from Nov. 1-Nov. 19 We will headline back across the US.

The UK follows and then....japan? mainland europe/scandinavia? hmmm...we'll see...we're workin on it...

also, look for the north american release of "ALIBIS AND AMMUNITION" sometime this fall!

For Trashlight Vision North American Headline Dates contact:

For 45 Grave/Trashlight Vision dates contact: http://www.myspace.com/dawn_of_the_dead

The TLV US Street Team or TLV Press/interviews:

see ya soon fuckos!


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